Trending Tuesdays: Facebook at $1 Trillion, $PLTR Breakout, Inflation, and More

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Hey everyone! Super excited to announce a new angle with my newsletter. I‘m starting a new series called “Trending Tuesdays” in which I pick my favorite trending market news, chart of the week, a must-read article, Twitter post, and last but not least one fire meme. Every Tuesday I will send it out in the format below in the hopes that if you miss a week of what happens in the market, Twitter, or more you will at least get a snapshot of what happened along with giving you new forms of content to digest. Of course, I will be doing my normal newsletters as well so don’t worry about those (In the works I have one covering Airbnb, Ethereum 2.0, and Disney stock). Thank you to everyone that has been patient with me over the past couple of weeks as I have been on vacation. Consistency will now be in full effect.



Facebook’s Antitrust Case Dismissed

A judge on Monday dismissed the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) antitrust lawsuit against Facebook and a separate antitrust lawsuit brought by dozens of attorneys general. Both suits alleged the social media giant is violating antitrust law by buying up competitors and depriving consumers of alternatives that would better protect their privacy.

Facebook's (FB) stock price was higher in late-afternoon trading, pushing the company's market valuation past $1 trillion for the first time.

The FTC case was dismissed without prejudice, meaning the government can file an amended antitrust suit against Facebook within the next 30 days. The states' case was dismissed in its entirety.

Source: Yahoo Finance

In response to the case dismissal, $FB shares were up a staggering +4.18% for the day and pushing the behemoth of a company into $1 trillion-dollar territory. What company will be next in the trillion-dollar club? $TSLA (663.46B) or $NVDA (498.03B)? I would love to hear your answer in the comment section at the bottom.


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Jake did an amazing job pointing out to his followers weeks ago the buildup for the Palantir $PLTR breakout. Palantir currently trades at $27.38 and technical analysis wise has blue skies ahead. This post was after many heads-up posts, thanks Jake!


To read the full article by Allison Reichel click here.

She covers:

  • What destruction of the USD really means

  • The Hegemony of the USD

  • Where does inflation fit in?

  • Venezuela: A Case Study

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Lesson: Playing poker with fake money teaches you nothing. You don’t bluff, raise, or fold the same. Investing is a game of emotions like poker. You won’t learn unless you learn how to control your real emotions when they are on the line. I always suggest to people to start investing with at least an amount they would be uncomfortable losing. You have to feel the fire to learn.


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