Killaz NFT Breakdown

A breakdown of one of the most exciting NFT projects right now

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Last week I was introduced to an NFT project named The KILLAz which currently consists of 9,971 digital heroes and villains that all have unique attributes, properties, and features. This project launched only a couple of weeks ago (8/26/21) and is already off to a roaring start.

As I explained in my prior newsletter about how the NFT ecosystem works, this project caught my attention because in my mind it checks off all the mentioned boxes and has upcoming goals that are different than most projects. Along with this, this project has a stacked development team, an unrivaled vision, and a passionate community pushing it forward to be a large success. Something that really stood out to me was the project’s roadmap plan to integrate the NFTs into an actual role-playing game (RPG). Much more on all of this later…

ATTENTION: You are going to want to read till the end of this newsletter because there will be a sneak peek of something HUGE.

To start, here are the two Killaz that I purchased out of pure excitement:

As you can see, the Killaz themselves have an extraordinary visual aesthetic with a mix of manga, cartoon, and anime influence.

On the left, Killa #6436 was around .5 ETH to buy ($1,659 as I type) where the Killa on the right was only .1 ETH.

The reason for this difference is the scarcity of properties that the Killa on the left possesses. There are 19 different body types of Killaz ranging from Zombie, Ghost, to even Starfleet ones. Each Killa has a specific background, body type, clothing, mask, primary accessory, weapon, and the rarest even have a secondary accessory. The combination of these factors is what makes up the scarcity of your Killa amongst the 9,971. A great website to use when looking to buy any type of NFT is which somewhat cuts out the guesswork for questions about scarcity and pricing.

Herer’s a look at some other KILLAz

To be clear, the “rarity” of a KILLAz attributes is not the only factor put into the pricing of each - like other projects, there is a “this NFT looks aesthetically appealing/this NFT looks like it represents me” factor and that heavily can be involved in the price listing of an individual Killa. Now that you have a good idea of what the KILLAz look like, let’s dig into why I think this project sets itself apart from its other peers.

Before we go further if you have no idea what Ethereum is or what NFTs are, I usher you to read my quick write-up on the Introduction to Ethereum to get a solid foundation.

Roadmap 1.0

The first roadmap for the project was shattered in a remarkable 14 minutes. Here was what that roadmap from a couple of weeks ago.

Development of turn based RPG game using the KILLAz characters and set in Crash City. All assets in the game will be tokenized and distributed to holders.

20% - At this mark we begin development on a fighting game so you can battle with your favorite KILLAz head to head.

40% - Custom KILLAz merch awarded to our most active Discord members and contest winners.

60% - Community building contest to come up with ideas and determine the next game we should build.

100% - New character drops for existing holders Members Discord with exclusive content, community building contests, and more merch drops.

In 14 minutes all Killas (100%) were sold out which was absolutely wild. Again, this project hasn’t even been around for a month.

Roadmap 2.0

Due to the success of the first roadmap, a second roadmap was created shortly after.

Here is the new roadmap is broken down into phases…

(If you read anything in this article please read this roadmap)

The Game

As you read above the biggest goal of The KILLAz NFT project is to evolve into a turn-based 2d role-playing game (RPG). If you are confused about what a 2d RPG game looks like - here is an example below.

Best 2D RPG Games for PC List | EnyGames
This is NOT in any way a depiction of what the KILLAz RPG game will look like visually - this was a conceptual example to spark a memory of what 2D RPGs look like functionality-wise.

Crash City

The setting of the game is Crash City in which the KILLAz will be featured. According to the project founder Overlord, Crash City will have a “post-apocalyptic setting” in which the KILLAz will be free to roam, complete objectives, fight your way through the city. Community feedback is a number one priority so likely the RPG game will be released in sections for devs to make adjustments, add features, and create the best game possible.

Own A Piece Of The Game

The key to this project is tokenization. If you don’t know what that means is when you buy a Killa you have full ownership of that character. Along with this, the game itself will be fractionalized, tokenized, and distributed to Killa holders so in a very real way you are owning a piece of not only the NFT but the game itself. This is exciting because if the game succeeds everyone succeeds.

The Development Team

Behind every great project is a great team. Overlord is the founder and project manager of the entire KILLAz NFT ecosystem. Overlord has prior experience in the NFT space and minting process. His focus on his team was getting members that would ensure the completion of both roadmaps. With the RPG-based game in mind Overlord banded together with a team with deep experience in game design, development, video game script writing, crypto payments, blockchain tech, and digital design. Overlord knew the undertaking of an NFT project that requires evolution and a wide range of skills required more than a one-man show.


It’s safe to say that some pretty awesome public figures are already in a possession of a Killa NFT. @HuhaoNFT made this incredible list in which Dez Bryant, Andy Milonakis, some FaZe members, and many others were listed (there are 3 parts).

Disclaimer: I have no way of verifying if these people still own a Killa (this list is as of a couple of days ago).


In my prior newsletter on the NFT Ecosystem, I harped heavily on the community as being one of the strongest indicators of a promising NFT project. I can honestly say that the KILLAz Discord is one of the most active discord channels I have ever been on and that’s including non NFT related channels.


As of right now, there are 11,422 members that love to talk about the future of the project and their own Killaz. The moderators are also very active and make sure the communities voice is heard along with keeping the communities guidelines in place. It’s quite awesome how much people cheer each other on whenever a new person joins the community by purchasing a Killa. Lastly, you do not have to own a Killa to join the discord so click HERE to join.


You can find the project’s Twitter at @KILLAz_NFT and they currently have a following of 17,800+ followers. Just like their discord, the Twitter engagement on their tweets is next level and most people who own a Killa have it as their Twitter profile picture. Recently, I hosted a Twitter Spaces and interviewed Overlord (founder of the project) and at one point there were almost 300 people in attendance and countless requests to ask questions during the Q&A portion. There will be definitely more Twitter spaces events in the near future so definitely be on the lookout.


You can find the project’s Instagram @killaznft. Just the other day there was an Instagram giveaway in which two Killaz were given out to the community. You definitely want to stay on top of all socials when investing in any NFT project because they will be a great gauge for the success of the project.

What is the future?

Stats (as of 9/15/21)

Here is the breakdown of the project’s stats:

All Time Volume: 3,017.2909 ETH

Number of Owners: 4557

7 Day Average Price: 0.1993 ETH

7 Day Volume: 137.4 ETH

OpenSea Volume All Categories (30 days): 62

Current Floor Price: 0.14 ETH


The moment you have all been waiting for.

As announced in the discord, if you own a Killa you will be giving a chance to claim a Lady Killa that will be randomly assigned to you. If you own 3 KILLAz you will be giving the chance to claim 3 random Lady KILLAz assigned to you. The only cost to you during claiming is a gas fee.

Here is a NEW sneak peek of what some of them will look like!

I hope you enjoyed this breakdown of KILLAz NFT and look forward to next Thursday in which I will be holding huge NFT space on my Twitter with some of the biggest names that hold a Killa!

Links to check out:

KILLAz Website

KILLAz Opensea (where to buy a KILLA)

KILLAz Discord

Have a great weekend! See you for next Tuesday’s newsletter!

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